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Rejections & Sales

So Jay Lake wrote a post in regards to rejections here.  This sent me searching through my records and believe it or not I rarely look at my rejection count or even compare the sales to rejections.

I'm pleased with what I found out.  I also found out my record keeping hasn't been too terrible.  Here's what I posted over at Jay's journal:

133 rejections total. Although this might get as high as 150 with missed recorded numbers.

Four pro sales.

31 rejections before first pro sale. 75 more rejections before second pro sale. 27 rejections since with third and fourth pro sales.

This is over eleven years.


Huge ups and downs, especially between first and second sale.  Looking at these numbers definitely make me feel like I've been progressing.  I don't have a huge inventory out circulating, which is fine by me as I also want to write novels.  I have this crazy dream where I can write novels and still write at least twelve short stories a year.  Still working on that one.

January of 2009 is nearly done and I haven't missed a day writing yet.  A day of writing means at least 500 words, which is a very easy goal.  And many days I get more than that.  Saturdays and Sundays are usually only 500 words.  I'm looking to knock it up a notch, though. 

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