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Closing of The Year

I sent my first short story from Arizona two days before Christmas.  That felt good.  It's a way to establish roots here.

I'm planning on finishing that neglected novel of mine, which means getting it done in January, so that I can go onto the next novel.  And I'm not waiting until the new year to get started.

Should be an interesting year coming up what with living in a new city and unemployed for the both of us at the moment.  I'm hoping savings and tax refund will keep us afloat through March or April.  That's if things get really dire.  There's part time work, perhaps, as well as any story sales, which would be nice. 

Today, we're going to explore the new Phoenix Light Rail.  Grand Opening Today.  Other places in need of our exploration is the Star Trek Exhibit and the Phoenix Zoo.  And to our surpise we learned Arizona's first aquarium has opened in the East Valley.  An aquarium in the desert!  They even have penguins.  I sure hope they're protected against power outages.

One other thing worthy of note: the feeways of Phoenix, Arizona have to be some of the most beautiful freeways in the country.  They have landscaping, decorative gravel, planted trees and cacti, and designs and symbols carved in concrete and also created using that colorful gravel.

On the mom front she's driving again and for the most part has improved greatly since the head injury.  This was unexpected, but we'll take it. 

We still don't have Internet at my brother's place, so I try to update Livejournal at the library, which we go to often. 

Good wishes to all in the New Year!
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