robvagle (robvagle) wrote,

Cell Phone Reaction

For the first time in my life I find myself with a cell phone and I'm thrilled at all the information ready in the palm of my hand.  I'm not a phone person which was why it took me so long to get a cell phone.  I'm just not a big talker on the phone.  But the cell phone offers so much more than talking.  There's texting.  I can check e-mail and have some internet access (some Internet stuff is just too wonky to do on the cell phone) and now I'm on Facebook and I'm enjoying it.

Getting a cell phone was well worth it.  We don't have Internet access at my brother's place yet, so the cell phone comes in handy for that.  Any other heavy-duty Internet stuff I need to do I go to the Mesa Community College library where I can get on the Internet for free.  Blogging might be infrequent for awhile but hopefully I can do an entry a week.  Facebook is a different experience when I can get to a computer.  So meanwhile, status updates will be done by phone.

This a great age to live in.  So much information and connection ready to tap into.
Tags: cell phones
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