robvagle (robvagle) wrote,

Poor Timing

One annoying flu bug has bitten me during all this moving business.  First, a couple weeks ago, (and if this is the same bit of flu) I had weekend cold.  Just the sniffles and it went away by Monday.  Then this last Tuesday morning I wake up with a sore throat.  I go to work thinking I could deal with it.  Ha!  By the end of my shift, I was dragging.  Even with Daytime Theraflu at lunch time.  I was miserable that evening.

Wednesday I stayed home from work because I wanted to get well because I had a move coming up and Orycon, let alone making it through another week of work.  It felt good staying home, I felt much better.  Then Thursday I went to work.

Still felt a little run down, though.  Still took the Theraflu at lunch time.  I even went to work on Friday.

Here's where I think I went wrong, excusing for the moment that this could be a strong virus: I rode my bike back and forth to work on Thurday and Friday (Wednesday I had a ride).  That's 5.75 each way approximately.  It takes 30-35 minutes to bike that.  Now I hadn't thought about it at the time, but hindsight is 20/20.  My body needed energy to fight the virus and here I was taking it away by excercising, basically an hour each day.  I've become so used to biking, it never occured to me to question it when I was sick.  At least not until it was too late. 

So I'm at work on Friday.  I make it to lunch.  I don't have much of an appetite.  I drink my Theraflu.  And I don't feel like moving.  My lunch goes a little long, longer than what I'm comfortable doing.  I go out to work but it becomes clear that I'm dragging and that I'm of no use for the day.

I call my boss and tell her I need to go home.  Which is the best for everyone, really.  I have a feaver and I feel achy.  Now I can't get a ride home because nobody else is leaving and our car is with Ximena at her job.  I talk with her on the phone and we discussed a number of possiblities to get me home.  I had no money for the bus.  In the end, I decided to bike home, slowly, taking my time, drinking water and taking breaks.

It took me an hour to get home.  And boy was that bed comfortable when I got there.  I felt instantly better--my body no longer in the theroes of excertion.

Saturday I spent all day in bed even though I felt there's stuff that needed to be done.  Ximena assures me we're making great progress and have accomplised a lot already getting ready for this move.  She is so right.

Sunday is here and I feel better.  Still have the sore throat.  But I have more energy and we're packing and moving things.  I'm also taking breaks and drinking juice and sucking on lozenges. 

Tomorrow, I don't know about work.  If I do go in, I'm not biking.  I only work three days this week, my last day being Wednesday.  I'll probably drive the car or get a ride all three days.  I hate to miss anymore work days because we could really use the money for the move.  That may be so, but we also need my health.  I don't want to be sick during the move.  And I hope I haven't given this bug to Ximena.

Flu virus be gone!  I have stuff to do!
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