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The move moving along

One great place to get free boxes for moving is the liquor store, or even the beer and wine section of Market of Choice.  Now if one comes into our apartment and glimpses the stacks of beer and liquor (and, yes, some wine) boxes, they'll believe we're throwing one hell of a party.

Alas, they'd be disappointed if they're party people.  Because what they'd find inside those boxes, would be books.

We've lightened our load here, getting rid of large pieces of furniture.  My desk is gone and now the desktop monitor sits on a kitchen chair and I type with the keyboard in my lap.  The apartment is chaos with everything scattered and out of place and boxes to walk around.  The cats are freaking out because we're changing their environment.

I"ve enjoyed this apartment we've been living in for the last four years.  I have little to complain about here.  But one thing I will not miss is the One-Butt-Kitchen.  The kitchen is so small that it's hard for two people to cook at the same time--if I bend over to get in the cupboard, I knock into Ximena, or vice-versa.  This kitchen doesn't have much counter space to speak of and no dishwasher, so the dirty dishes get piled in the sink.  It doesn't take long for the sink to get cluttered.  The two or three square feet of tile in the kitchen is known as the "Happy Tile" because it's a bright, 1970's red.  It almost screams GROOVY.

Truthfully, the Happy Tile is the best thing about our One-Butt-Kitchen.

Although if the tiled floor was any larger than the two or three square feet, it would be unbearable.

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