robvagle (robvagle) wrote,

Short Jury Duty Day

My stint at jury duty didn't come to much.  When I went in and explained about a cross-country move coming up, I was told the available trials wouldn't last more than two or three days and that there were no murder trials.  Whew!

It was one day or one trial.  The woman that presented the orientation spoke with a pleasant southern accent.  She divided the 155 potential jurors into panels (or juries, I suppose) that she labeled as a different breed of dog.  I was a mutt!  Which, according to her, was a compliment--"My faithful companion, the mutt," she said.

Out of three potential trials and 155 potential jurors, only fifteen performed jury duty.  The first trial, someone (on the defense, I think) was a no show, so no trial there.  The second, 15 jurors were sent up and then sent back down again.  Five of those jurors were rejected, so five new ones had to be picked.  The third trial was postponed.

I was released shortly before noon.  The only other highlight was that I got to watch television coverage of the election of President Barack Obama.  I didn't vote for him because he's black.  I voted for him because I believe in him.  Nonetheless, I was getting teary-eyed at this historic event.

Then I went home and packed more boxes.
Tags: election, jury duty, obama
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